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Program Binder 8 - Consumer Complaint Program Policies & Procedures

Class A & B Agency


Welcome to the New and Improved:

2023 Updated Class A & B Agency Policies & Procedures

Program Binder 8 - Consumer Complaint Program

2023 Updated Class A & B Agency Policies & Procedures Package, for Class A & B agencies in Colorado, is the only instantly available digital download package of Policies & Procedures by an approved CDPHE trainer with Colorado home care agency regulations and operations experience. 

This download is specifically for Program Binder 1 - Consumer Complaint Program. 

Section 1 - Consumer Complaint Program

Having a robust Consumer Complaint Program is not only a regulation, it is critical to a successful agency. This program provides a home to document and resolve complaints that come from clients and families.

This program guides you through all the requirements. It is part of the Class B P&Ps 9-Binder system. 

So, what are the different policy programs that I need?

The Business of Senior Care has got you covered! 



2023 Updated Class B P&Ps 


  • Organized into a simple, easy-to-use binder format 
  • Compliant with CDPHE regulations for Chapter 2 and 26
  • Updated with the latest 2022 regulation changes



I have developed a brand new home care agency system to provide all needed policies and procedures to dominate the updated regulations. This system is designed with home care agencies in Colorado in mind, because I used to be sitting in your chair trying to formulate policies and be organized all while trying to run a home care company. 

The Class B P&Ps system consists of 9 binders (8 if you don't need Medicaid policies). This 9 binder system is built to have policies, forms, templates grouped and organized into the various topics that are required from regulations. Once you have the binder system in place, you will have easy access to keep in compliance all year long!

I've been so fortunate to work with hundreds of home care agencies across the great state of Colorado. I've worked with brand new agencies needing a full set of P&Ps to get their doors open. I've also worked with home care companies of all sizes to help audit, organize and simplify to make them LEAN AND MEAN COMPLIANCE MACHINES!

I've learned so much working with our awesome home care companies over these last few years. I've picked up tips, tricks and resources on how to stay in compliance and away from DREADED deficiencies

This 9 binder system has been developed over these years and consists of these topics:

Binder 1 - Governing Body & HCA Manager

Binder 2 - Class B General P&Ps

Binder 3 - HCA Personnel

Binder 4 - Quality Management Program 

Binder 5 - Occurrence Reporting Program

Binder 6 - Infection Control Program

Binder 7 - Emergency Preparedness Program

Binder 8 - Consumer Complaint Program 

Binder 9 - Medicaid P&Ps  (sold separately from this package)

Why is this P&Ps package different than others I have seen online? 

 Great question. Whether you are looking to start a brand new agency in Colorado or a tenured agency, you want to make sure what you are buying is worth the money. 

You may have seen national companies offering policies and procedures for home care agencies in various states. There are certainly some global types of policies that can be used like infection control, handling customer grievances and employee time off requests, etc. 

But, what I've learned after receiving calls from home care agencies who have received deficiencies after purchasing generic policies from a national company, Colorado is a whole different animal! 

Regulations that are specific to Colorado are numerous, here are just a few: 

  • "Stacked" training requirements for Homemaker and Personal Care Worker
  • Specific COVID-19 staff vaccination and reporting requirements
  • VERY specific occurrence reporting requirements for abuse, neglect, misappropriation of property, etc.
  • Initial and ongoing training requirements for agency manager, now called HCA Manager
  • Process for Quality Management Program to review data and develop plans to address
  • Requirement to conduct an Annual Agency Evaluation for a comprehensive review of the agency 

I have never seen another policies package address these, let alone have developed policies that are in compliance with CDPHE regs.  

Why should I buy this policy package? 

A great question. I'll give you 2 reasons that I hope provides you value at your agency. 

# 1  - Save Yourself Time

Developing policies and procedures that are compliant with regulations is a lengthy and tedious process. I've put over 500+ hours into developing, revising, organizing, testing and thinking about policies and procedures. SAVE YOURSELF! 

This is what I LOVE to do. As you might imagine, discussing policy updates on a risk assessment in the Emergency Preparedness Program is about as exciting to discuss at dinner parties as talking about shades of black shoelaces. 

Having this P&Ps package, you can spend your time on building your business. 

#2 - Peace of Mind

When I was Agency Manager at Home Instead in Denver, when I needed policies to help me the most was during survey. Policies were of little help when it was crunch time during a survey and the surveyor says "this policy doesn't align with the regulation." AHHHH! 

This P&Ps package has been time tested through numerous surveys all across Colorado. Each policy is written based on a specific regulation and the regulation is on the policy so you can find it when you need it. 

These policies are designed to help you when you need them most.

Whether you are starting a brand new agency, a new HCA Manager at an existing agency or an experienced Agency Manager, this package can give you the been there, done that time savings and value. 

Also, it is very important thing to know when purchasing this package, there is no risk to you. I’m offering a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you download these P&Ps and customize these for your agency and think this has not helped you be a better HCA Manager and run a better and more survey ready agency, then simply email me for a full refund. That’s how confident I am that this is the best package available and that it will bring value to your business. 

If you decide there is even a chance of saving yourself time, helping your agency, and decreasing the issues with CDPHE surveys, then this package is for you. I remember searching far and wide for someone who has been through it to take the time to help me get better. 

The $297 gives you instant and full access to all Class A & B Program Binder 8 - Consumer Complaint Program P&Ps, as well as the bonus materials. The download is available as either Word or Excel documents that is then instantly customizable for your agency.  Each customizable field is highlighted to make it as quick and easy as possible. Once customized, just hit print and slide it into one of your 9 respective binders! 

When looking at the price of the package for your business, please be sure to ask: 

How much will it cost you not to pass a CDPHE survey? 

If you are looking to open a home care agency, it could take 30 to 90 days to get another shot to pass your initial survey if you don’t have everything in place the first time. If you are an existing agency and get caught in a bad complaint or recertification survey, the time and stress in receiving deficiencies, revising policies, submitting a Plan of Correction, getting it accepted or rejected, etc. could take months!

You HAVE to act today. I am confident that you will have everything you need to dominate Colorado regulations and licensure. Plus, the ongoing support to reach out with questions anytime and receiving the latest and greatest for your agency!

This Policies & Procedures Package is only $297! 

Still have questions? Email me at or call me at 303.578.8262.

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