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Finish 2023 compliance strong for Colorado Home Care Agencies!

Helping Our Clients Understand the Licensure Process

Colorado Licensure Process Updates

Tips for Washington In-Home Services License

5 Steps to Get Your Texas Home Care License

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How quickly can you grab your policies? ⏰

Does your office have consumer records available when needed? Here are some quick tips to avoid getting this tag.

How would you respond to this Google review? Ouch! 😲

Don’t let a negative review be the final word for your business online. Defend your business and how hard your team works to provide excellent care!!

The #1 cited home care deficiency in Colorado for 2022!

Luckily for all of us, home care agencies no longer have to report COVID-19 staff vaccination data to CDPHE. Now that this reporting requirement has been taken away, WHAT IS THE MOST CITED DEFICIENCY?

How To Face BURNOUT In Home Care

You don’t need the good doctor to tell you this, but you DO need to take care of yourself. Here we discuss 3 steps you can use to address YOUR burnout.

What can I and can't I do with telehealth visits?

In home care, with the updated regulations in Chapter 26 this year, there has been inclusions for Telehealth for both Class A & B. This is good news for many home care agencies who are trying to manage client communications, as well as things like supervisory visits for staff.

Article: COVID-19 Regulations for Home Care Agencies

Today I'm talking about the COVID-19 regulation changes. Plus, I have a ready-to-use P&Ps package that you can implement at your agency today (scroll to the bottom of this email for P&Ps).

Why Do The Best Health Care Companies Still Struggle With Updating Policies?

Some big things have happend for home care agencies in Colorado just in the last few months. COVID regulations and reporting have been forced upon us. Plus, a total reorganization and update of the main regulations for home care, Chapter 26. You may be trying to determine what changed. And then, what your company needs to do to be in compliance. Today, I'm going to provide an overview of what has changed and initial steps to take to stay in compliance.

What consumers complaints should I document?

Not all complaints are created equal. As an Administrator addressing and documenting all issues, concerns and complaints from consumers is a full time job. So, how do I decide which to document and file?

Why I Follow Travel Influencers on Instagram

Today, I want to talk to you about a tool to make it easy to plan out your compliance year. This is about more than finding an insta travel influencer to help plan out awesome trips. It’s about keeping your home care agency in compliance all year long. It’s about using tools to provide RELIEF to you and not having to make constant decisions through the year for compliance.

Article: Inside look at BIG changes for your top referral sources in 2019

Health care continues to change. The next 12 months are going to turn the world upside down for some of your Top Referral Sources. We discuss changes for hospitals, skilled nursing and the growing Medicare Advantage plans.

Chapter 26 to go in front of Dept of Health on Dec. 15

After years of meetings and revisions, the sunset provision for updating Chapter 26 regulations home care agencies is set to be finalized in December. What are the big changes?

Article: How to WOW Job Applicants and Get Them to Say Yes!

I had the realization that applicants I was helping to interview weren’t saying yes to job offers because of I fixed it.

Article: Did you know CDPHE changed Chapter 2 regulations??

Here are all the changes your home care company needs to know for 2020.

Article: Colorado Home Care Agencies Top 10 Deficiencies

So far in 2019 the Home & Community Facilities (HCF) Branch has surveyed 38% of all home care agencies in Colorado. There have been over 700 deficiencies issued. Get the latest data and trends.

Article: Care Disruptors & Hospital Zones

Marketing your home care business can be hard. It can feel like you’re out there doing the same thing, talking to the same people every day. Here we talk about how you organize and prioritize your focus for marketing to referral sources.

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