Why I Follow Travel Influencers on Instagram

Hi Home Care Hero,

I LOVE learning about amazing vacation spots and then experiencing them with family and friends.

Except if you don’t want to eat meat when out to dinner on vacation. Then please, don’t travel with me.


Anyway, I noticed something when I traveled to destinations before I started watching someone on social media having traveled to the same spot. We’d travel to different places, especially trips where I was stuck without easy transport (AKA tourist traps that get to a hotel or resort and a bottle of water costs more than a t-shirt back home). We’d look at the list of potential activities or excursions, and anxiety and stress would set it in not knowing what to pick and what would be a waste of time. And the trip would go downhill and be filled with indecision and FOMO. 


Then someone we traveled with shared stories of following different travel influencers on instagram. They would see an actual person posting videos from a vacay spot, give real world feedback and recommendations, provide tips on how to maximize the trip, etc. This insider secret from a friend has changed trips to now wonderful experiences with no stress (well much less stress for sure). 


I used to think that going to a destination after watching someone do it first would ruin the experience. 


But, in fact it has greatly improved trip happiness, not just for me, but for the people I traveled with. (Happiness and sense of refresh are how I measure my trips.)

A recent trip to Hawaii
This mountain range ATV excursion was recommended and it might look familiar from the movie Jurassic Park!


We learned stuff like: must do excursions, best restaurants to eat at, where to watch the sunset, what time certain attractions open, best shops to get souvenirs, etc.




People spend so much of their day making decisions that it’s a RELIEF if someone else makes a decision for them. 


Today, I want to talk to you about a tool to make it easy to plan out your compliance year. This is about more than finding an insta travel influencer to help plan out awesome trips. It’s about keeping your home care agency in compliance all year long. It’s about using tools to provide RELIEF to you and not having to make constant decisions through the year for compliance. 

Could it bring you happiness though? I say yes!

Planning out your annual agency compliance can help in so many ways, including:

  • With an annual compliance plan, you get everything required throughout the year done

  • With an annual compliance plan, you don’t stress wondering “Am I doing everything I need to?”

  • With an annual compliance plan, YOU SPEND YOUR TIME ON YOUR BUSINESS


This is a FREE TOOL for you to plan out the rest of the year. All you need to do is put meetings or reminders on your calendar for the rest of the year. When the time comes for the next task to be completed, you will know exactly what to do. 


The 2024 Annual Agency Compliance Calendar is a FREE downloadable pdf that schedules out all regulation requirements for a home care agency. It includes all 12 months of 2024 so your agency knows what it takes to stay in compliance. 

  • Quality Management Program meetings
  • Emergency Preparedness Plan review
  • Governing Body meetings
  • So much more!

Take some time to plan out 2024 and save yourself hours of reactive time next year!