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How to get a Colorado home care license

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Here's how you get a home care license in Colorado 🏔

As of last count, there was about 470 nonmedical companies and about 335 skilled home health companies that are licensed in the state of Colorado.

And most of them centrally located in the Denver metroplex. So that includes also Fort Collins and, and Colorado Springs. So kind of the I 25 corridor um for licenses and in the state, there are two main types of licenses.

Class A refers to a skilled home health company and then class B is not medical and a class if you have a class A license, home health, you can provide both home health services and nonmedical services.

All of that is completed through the online portal, C O H F I portal, where you are gonna be uploading your documents and filling out your application and all the required communication to the health department goes back and forth through the online portal.

The licensing fees for a class A are $3000 and the licensing fees for class B are 2200. When you get to some nuances for the licensure process.

Some things to just keep in mind, when you are getting signed up is to have your certificate of liability insurance, you know, for a class A, you're looking at half a million per occurrence and $3 million for aggregate.

And then a class B is 100,000 per occurrence and 300,000 for a aggregate.

And one thing to keep in mind on your ORG chart is to be sure that you have the client or consumer listed on there and that all of your, all of your positions eventually point to that consumer, the consumer does need to be listed on your your ORG chart.

In the typical process here, you have on this visual day application and then next, you're gonna have your application reviewed.

So that's called a fitness test or Fitness review by the health department.

And that's where they're going over all your documents to make sure you have everything.

And then if that goes well, then they're gonna schedule an on-site survey.

So in Colorado, you need to have your on-site survey completed prior to being issued your license.

The on-site survey can and can typically be accomplished about 30 days after the approval of your license, give or take.

And then if that goes well, then you can have your issued, a couple of nuances to think about in Colorado is it does require an eight hour training course from a pre-approved vendor.

And that needs to be done for the administrator and the alternate, our company is an approved online trainer for that.

If you're looking for somebody and then you need to have, you need to have your full policies and procedures set up.

So that's a quick overview.

There's definitely more in depth information.

If you have any questions about getting the process started.

Don't hesitate to reach out.

Check out our in-depth Colorado licensure page:

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