Kansas Home Care Licensure Process CHANGES!

We're not in Kansas anymore?

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Things are getting interesting in the world of Kansas home care licensure. The Governor is expected to sign updated and revised regulations for home care agencies any day. 

These changes have impacts for existing agencies, as well as those looking to apply for licensure in 2023.  

2006 vs. 2022 Regulation Changes: 
Transitioning to the new set of regulations in Kansa will have impacts on home agencies. Once the Governor signs-off on the new regulations, expected to be soon in May 2023, this will create a domino affect for agencies.

Here are some important impacts for new and existing agencies:
  • License Types will change:
    • Class A changes to Home Health 
    • Class B changes to Supporting Care Services
    • Class C changes to HCBS
  • New licenses are currently issued based on the application, no on-site survey, and can be obtained in weeks
  • Backlog of hundreds of 'temporary' licenses will need to be transitioned to permanent license, slowing down licensing for new agencies considerably
  • On-site surveys will then be conducted for hundreds of 'temporary to permanent' licensees
  • Application Fees for a license increase from $100 to $500
  • Change in qualifications for Administrators/Alternates to be more inclusive of healthcare work experience and education.

Click here to download a 1-sheeter with a summary of the Kansas licensure and regulations changes!

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