The #1 cited home care deficiency in Colorado for 2022

So far in 2022, CDPHE surveyors have issued over 500 deficiencies to home care agencies across Colorado.

That number is up about 27% from this time last year. The main reason deficiencies have increased was due to the twice monthly reporting of COVID-19 staff vaccination status - 225 Deficiencies!

Luckily for all of us, home care agencies no longer have to report COVID-19 staff vaccination data to CDPHE.

If you’re agency recieved a deficiency for not timely reporting vaccination status, you were certainly not alone!

Now that this reporting requirement has been taken away, WHAT IS THE MOST CITED DEFICIENCY?

Hint, it has to do with hiring staff members (for both Class A & B agencies).

Staff personnel files are always 100% up to date, right??

The most cited deficiency (beside COVID vaccination reportng) was not having 1 of 2 items in Staff Files:




Here is the regulation:

Chapter 26, 5.9 Personnel

(D) Before employing any individual to provide direct consumer care or services, the HCA must show compliance with the Colorado Adult Protective Services Data System (CAPS Check) requirements as set forth in Section 26-3.1-111, C.R.S., and 6 CCR 1011-1, Chapter 2, Part 2.3.6.

(E) Before employing any individual to provide direct consumer care or services, the agency shall contact the DORA to verify whether a license, registration, or certification exists and is in good standing. A copy of the inquiry shall be placed in the individual's personnel file.

For both Class A & B agencies, both a CAPS Check and DORA License check are required for all staff (in addition to a background check, of course).

Here are the websites:

CAPS Check Website

DORA License Check Website

What if I’m a Class B agency and staff don’t need a license on DORA?

Great question. For a caregiver, it is still required to search DORA to see if there is a license because it is possible the person has a license with a violation or admonishment. Finding this information pre-employment can certailny affect a hiring decision.

Do I need to do these checks annually?

The state regulation does not require either a CAPS or DORA check to be done annually.


By checking your staff files now, you can save yourself from getting the most cited deficiency in 2022!