How would you respond to this Google review? Ouch! 😲

How bad is this Google review?

Google review about stopping services without providing enough notice. C’mon Kevin!

Online presence for home care companies is here to stay. Increasingly, consumers make decisions on home care choice by searching online.

According to the Home Care Pulse Benchmarking Study: Internet Search Engine Optimization (consumers can find you online) was the second highest revenue generating marketing source in 2020, behind only Past/Current Client Referrals.

Search Engine accounted for 19% of the annual revenue for the average home care company last year.

And Google is by far the most used search engine with 86% of the search market share. 86%!!!

We’ve all encountered a blistering Google review, even if for another business we’ve searched. It happens.

In the Google review above (from a home care company in Georgia), the client’s family is upset because they don’t understand why there were dropped as a client due to being a ‘high COVID risk’. This review seems much worse than probably it is in reality.

But, what is missing here is A RESPONSE FROM THE COMPANY!

This is like a person who stands outside on the street corner in front of a locally owned restaurant with a big sign that says:

“This restaurant doesn’t pay staff fairly!”

Yikes. You’re first thought might be, “Jeez, they should just pay their employees…”

You know there is a story there, but all you see is one side. Especially, without another person standing next to that person with a response, you’re just left to wonder.

The owner could stand outside with a big arrow on their sign that says:

“This staff member didn’t show up for work 4 days in a row and expects to be paid for it!”

The side of the company makes a lot more sense now. Plus, people might even start to say, “Good for that company for not paying that person who didn’t show up!”

This is what is happening online.

Now, let’s take a look at a another Google review (which is in Caps meaning they are really serious)…

Karen is obviously frustrated that her husband had a fall and expresses it here.

This client’s spouse is frustrated. Karen (didn’t do this on purpose btw) is taking aim at this home health company related to his fall. A fall is never good for anyone, client and company included.

Now, if this review is left by itself with no response, it looks pretty bad for this company (which is in Arizona).

BUT, when you look at the next image, the company posted a thoughtful and respectful response. Great job!

The response addresses the allegations head on, but doesn’t attack the person leaving the review. Plus, they apologized for what happened. They didn’t admit fault or say they were responsible for their frustration, but they did apologize for what the person is experiencing.

And acknowledging the compliment for Allison amongst the complaint is a great silver living approach!

How do you feel as a potential customer after reading this review AND company response?

I certainly feel much better. It looks like the company made attempts to connect with Karen and discuss how insurance works regarding Medical Necessity (which is always a confusing topics for patients).

And left the ball in Karen’s court to connect with the company directly to resolve the issue.

So…is there a review on your profile that could use a response?

If there isn’t right now, that’s AWESOME. But, there might be in the future.

Here are some tips for your Google Business Profile:

It is critical to show you are responsive to reviews on your Google Business Profile.

First, it starts with having a complete and professional Google Business Profile. Here are statistics from Google on profiles:

  • Customers are 2.7 times more likely to consider a business reputable if they find a complete Business Profile on Google Search and Maps.

  • Customers are 70% more likely to visit and 50% more likely to consider purchasing from businesses with a complete Business Profile.

It pays to take the time to make sure your profile is complete. If you haven’t started a profile, be sure to go out and claim your business on Google.

Tips on completing Google Business Profile:

  • At least 5 photos (actual office, staff or event photos, no stock photos)

  • First Photo is most viewed, make sure you want this photo representing your business

  • 1 Video with yourself or office staff member talking about your services

  • 10 Reviews

  • Accurate contact and office hour info

BONUS: Have 1 or 2 articles posted in ‘From the Owner’

CHALLENGE. Go to Google and search for home care in your city. Which home care company has the best looking profile?

Which one has the most reviews?

What do you think that looks like to a potential customer?

Now, what can you change on your profile?

Update your Google Business Profile and be READY to respond to a negative review.

NEXT: here’s a template for responding to a negative Google Review.

  • Reply with the name of the person leaving the review

  • Thank them for taking the time to leave a review

  • Apologize for THEIR experience and frustration

  • Acknowledge any compliments for your staff or services

  • Provide 1 or 2 ways the company has attempted to resolve the issue, including the company’s commitment to customer service

  • Leave direct contact information and times the person can reach out to resolve the issue

Don’t let a negative review be the final word for your business online.

Defend your business and how hard your team works to provide excellent care!!