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Policies & Procedures Package Overview

COVID-19 Staff Vaccination and Agency Reporting Requirements - Policies & Procedures Package 

This P&Ps package is the ONLY available customized policy to meet the updated CDPHE regulations for COVID-19 home care requirements. The Business of Senior Care is an approved trainer by CDPHE for Class A & B home care agencies and the only trainer with Colorado home care agency regulations and operations experience. 

For Both Class A & B Home Care Agencies in Colorado

COVID-19 regulations are a whole new area of regulations never before seen by home care agencies.  Regulations and guidance can not only be confusing, it is often conflicing from various local, state and federal sources. As of December 15, 2021, home care agenices now have permanent COVID-19 vaccination and reporting requirements that can be requested to be reviewed by CDPHE at any time. 

In this P&Ps Package we give you everything you need to be in compliance with updated regulations from Chapter 2, Part 12.


12.2.1 - Each facility shall ensure 100% of employees, direct contractors, and support staff obtain and maintain full COVID-19 vaccination status, or are granted a medical or religious exemption pursuant to facility policy.

What does this P&Ps package contain? 

This digital download is designed for Class A & B Home Care Agencies to master the updated CDPHE requirements and regulations for staff COVID-19 vaccination rules and reoccuring vaccination reporting on the COHFI portal. It is an all-inclusive package that you can download, add your agency logo and address, and you're off and running!

What CDPHE regulation does this comply with?


Is this a new regulation and do I need to have a policy for it?

Yes, this regulation is new for all heatlh care entities in Colorado. It requires a specific policy, as well as procedures for ensuring regulation compliance.

How did this new regulation come to be? 

On August 17, 2021, Governor Polis sent a letter to the State Board of Health requesting emergency rule-making for COVID-19 vaccination requirements for healthcare workers in Colorado. Emergency rules were adopted by the State Board of Health on August 30, 2021. Since that time, CDPHE worked with stakeholders in the health care industry to propose revisions and updates to these emergency rules. Additionally, the rules needed to be adapted to a CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Servcies) state licensing mandate, which was released on November 4, 2021. 

The proposed revisions and updates were reviewed and voted on by the State Board of Health on December 15, 2021. The proposed revisions were approved and became regulations for all health care entities in Colorado, effective December 15, 2021. 

 Where can I find these regulations? 

Chapter 2, Part 12 - COVID-19 Immunization of Employees, Direct Contractors, and Support Staff can be found here: 


Do these regulations apply to home care agencies?

Yes, the regulations apply to all health care entities in Colorado, including Class A & B home care agencies. 

Does this P&Ps package comply with these regulations?

Yes, this policies and procedures package was designed specifically for Colorado Class A & B home care agencies, after the final regulations were approved by the State Board of Health on December 15, 2021.

Are any home care agencies excluded from these regulations?

Yes, 'Live-In Caregivers' are not subject to Chapter 2, Part 12, except for Unvaccinated staff wearing appropriate PPE. A live-in caregiver means an individual who is employed by a home care agency, licensed under 6 CCR 1011-1, Chapter 26, to provide care to one or more clients residing in the same household as the live-in caregiver. A live-in caregiver does not provide care to clients outside of the household


The COVID-19 Staff Vaccination and Agency Reporting Requirements Policies & Procedures Package includes all the needed policies, forms and templates for Class A & B agencies to be fully in compliance with Chapter 2, Part 12. It is 15 pages long, plus the spreadsheets, and resources.

P&Ps documents included:

COVID-19 Immunization of Employees, Direct Contractors and Support Staff Policy

               Purpose, Scope and Policy

               Medical or Religious Exemptions

              Protectives Measures Taken By Unvaccinated Staff  

               Measures Taken to Encourage Initial and Ongoing Vaccination

               Maintaining Agency COVID-19 Immunization Documentation

               COVID-19 Reporting Requirements

Home Care Agency COVID-19 Staff Education

Agency COVID-19 Mandatory Immunization Religious or Medical Exemption Form

COVID-19 Immunization Staff Tracking and CDPHE Reporting Tool

 COVID-19 Information and Education Resources

Here’s what you get if you join COVID-19 Staff Vaccination and Agency Reporting Requirements Policies & Procedures Package  now:

  • Instantly available 24/7, the 100% online P&Ps download is accessible anywhere with an internet connection. This is not available from anywhere else.  The flexibility of this download being offered online 24/7 gives you the freedom and flexibility to complete and review on your own schedule.
  • Master COVID-19 Policy Template. Valuable content developed over a decade of healthcare experiences with the necessary tools to be in compliance for COVID-19 regulations. 
  • Brand new updated content for 2022. This P&Ps Package is so fresh, it still has that new car smell! With the adoption of COVID-19 reguations by the State Board of Health on December 15, 2021, these now permanent rules need to be implemented immediately. 


I’m very excited to bring you this P&Ps Package download. It is being offered at $197. The $197 gives you full access to the entire download forever. Being an online 24/7 download, this allows you to immediately get started on implementing this policy at your agency. No need to wait until the next time CDPHE has a COVID-19 call.

Are you qualified to provide these P&Ps?  Yes, you might say more qualified than any other CDPHE approved trainer. First, this P&Ps Package is from a CDPHE approved trainer. Second, no other trainer has had the actual experiences of running a home care agency in Colorado. I was the Director of Operations here in Denver for one of the largest home care agencies in the country, overseeing the transition into Colorado licensure and successfully operating a home care agency for many years.

How is your company unique? The Business of Senior Care aims to achieve two goals for clients: to understand the regulations facing home care agencies in Colorado and being a resource to drive growth for home care operators.  Having these two unique goals is fundamental when developing course content and continually asking myself, “How will this help home care agencies grow?”  I believe there are always opportunities to earn more clients and more billable hours, including with understanding regulations and the impact on your agency. 

Have you provided training or consulting before? I have already helped hundreds of home care agencies in Colorado with the fundamentals of regulations for both Class A and Class B licensure.  Additionally, I worked at the Corporate Office for Home Instead Senior Care for many years helping home care owners open theirs doors, market services, recruit new clients, hire staff and grow their business.  I have been doing consulting for home care companies for more than a decade and continue to be passionate about this fast growing industry.

Thank you sincerely for your business. I hope it brings value to your home care agency.

- Lucas, The Business of Senior Care

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