Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Planning

CDPHE Staff Ongoing Training (1 CEU Hour)

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Course Overview

Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Planning

(1 CEU Hour) 

This training will provide an in-depth look at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) requirements for Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Planning. 

This training satisfies 1 CLOCK HOUR towards the annual required training for Class A & B direct care staff. A completion certificate will be available for download upon completion of the course. 

What's covered in the course? 

Module 1 - Course Introduction

Welcome to the Course!
About Us
CDPHE Required Training        
How To Take The Course
Course Agenda


Module 2 - Emergency Preparedness   

Course Agenda
Disaster Facts
What is EPP?
Agency EPP

Module 3 - Common Emergencies/Disasters

Common Emergencies
Preparing for Disasters
Pandemic EP
Car Problems
Car Emergency Kit
Car Survival Tips
Emergency Car Tips
Home Emergencies
Evacuation vs. Shelter in Place
Home Emergency Kit
EP Home Tips
Office Emergency Tips
Office EP
Emergency Action Plan

Module 4 - Course Quiz

Here are the requirements for Class A & B staff training: 

Class A - Home Health
6.6(D)(1) - Skilled Staff Training
Direct care personnel need 12 topics every 12 months, which includes:
(a) Promoting consumer dignity, independence, self-determination, privacy, choice, and rights; including abuse and neglect prevention and reporting requirements;
(b) Behavior management techniques;
(c) Disaster and emergency procedures; and
(d) Infection prevention and control.

Class B - Non-medical Home Care
7.4(C)(4) - Personal Care Worker Training
PCWs need 6 topics every 12 months, shall include:
(a) Behavior management techniques and the promotion of consumer dignity, independence, self-determination, privacy, choice, and rights,
including abuse and neglect prevention and reporting requirements.
(b) Disaster and emergency procedures.
(c) Infection control using universal precautions.
(d) Basic first aid and home safety

7.3(C)(3) - Homemaker Training
Homemakers need 4 topics every 12 months, which shall include the same as PCWs. 


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