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    Essentials Course Digital Downloads

    • Essentials Course Content Outline
    • Module 1 - State of Colorado - PDF Slides
    • Module 2 - Home Care Overview - PDF Slides
    • Module 3 - Colorado Regs - PDF Slides
    • Module 4 - Agency Compliance - PDF Slides
    • State of Colorado Government Organizational Chart (Module 1)
    • HFEMS Organizational Chart (Module 1)
    • Class A & B Organizational Chart Example
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    Module 1 - State of Colorado

    • Module 1 - State of Colorado - Section 1 - Colorado Government
    • Module 1 - State of Colorado - Section 2 - Types of Home Care Agencies
    • Module 1 Quiz
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    Module 2 - Home Care Overview

    • Module 2 - Home Care Overview - Section 1 - Home Care Market
    • Module 2 - Home Care Overview - Section 2 - Industry Trends
    • Module 2 Quiz
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    Module 3 - Colorado Regs

    • Module 3 - Colorado Regs - Section 1 - Origin of Colorado Regs
    • Module 3 - Colorado Regs - Section 2 - Chapters 2 and 26
    • Module 3 - Colorado Regs - Section 3 - Class A and B
    • Module 3 Quiz
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    Module 4 - Agency Compliance

    • Module 4 - Agency Compliance - Section 1 - Governing Body
    • Module 4 - Agency Compliance - Section 2 - Quality Management Program
    • Module 4 - Agency Compliance - Section 3 - Occurrences and Staff Training
    • Module 4 Quiz
    • Before you go...

Course Overview

Essentials For Agency Managers & Administrators - Online 8-Hour Course is the only online course approved by CDPHE and instructed by the only trainer with Colorado home care agency regulations and operations experience. 

As a young and newly appointed Agency Manager for a home care company in Denver with more hair on my head and a sparkle in my eye, I was anxious to conquer the world of home care agency regulations. It was a time of newness for home care regulations, never before had either home health or home care been regulated on the state level in Colorado. It was a simpler time, long before you could use a Face-Aging app to purposely make yourself look older and movies like Aladdin, Dumbo and The Lion King were in theaters (the first time).  

I started to look at the different options to complete the initial required 8-Hour course for Agency Managers and Administrators. It was a long and winding process as I had a tough time finding the training I desired.  I was looking for someone who would help me learn the regs sure. But, also I was looking for a resource, someone who has been there and done that to give me tips and tricks on being an Agency Manager and running a home care operation. There were some surprises I encountered in searching for the needed training.  

First, I was surprised that the course had to be taken from a short list of CDPHE approved trainers.  It made me wonder how the list came to be and what sort of qualifications are needed to be an approved trainer.  As I explored each of the options further I was surprised again. I couldn’t find a trainer would had actually been an Agency Manager or Administrator who had worked with the Colorado home care regulations.  

From that struggle to find the training, I saw a need to help others in my same position achieve those goals: to understand Colorado regulations and get better at running a home care company

That need developed into a business aimed at solving those two problems.  In taking this Essentials For Agency Managers & Administrators Online Course you have joined us on this journey. 

I am offering to you this Essentials For Agency Managers & Administrators online course. The course is approved by and meets the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) requirements for the initial 8-Hour course for new Agency Managers & Administrators as stated in Chapter 26, Section 7.5A for Administrators and Section 8.3 for Agency Managers.

Here’s what you get if you join Essentials For Agency Managers & Administrators now:

  • Instantly available 24/7, the 100% online course is accessible anywhere with an internet connection. This is not available from anywhere else. You can start any one of the course video modules, press pause when you get a new client inquiry on the phone or if you need some avocado toast, and resume watching with the click of a button. The flexibility of this course being offered online 24/7 gives you the freedom and flexibility to complete and review on your own schedule.
  • 4 Video Modules. Both required CDPHE materials and bonus course content have been grouped into 4 modules. Each module provides specific information on a component of home care agencies and regulations. All video modules together provide the participant with a fundamental understanding of successfully keeping your agency in compliance, as well as home care agency operator experiences and best practices to grow your business.
  • Brand new updated content for 2021. There are new state officials in place regulating our agencies in Colorado since the Governor took office earlier this year. We have seen trends in certain deficiencies being issued across the state this year.  Industry trends are moving quickly including Medicare Advantage for home care services, CMS’ new PDGM payment model for home health, as well as the updated 5-Star rating system. These are all covered in this course.
  • Competency Quiz. At the end of each module there is a short quiz. Completing this quiz will demonstrate course competencies that are required for your completion certificate.

(4 Video Modules Screenshot)

Essentials For Agency Managers & Administrators consists of 4 video modules, entitled: State of Colorado, Home Care Overview, Colorado Regs and Agency Compliance. Each module contains CDPHE required content, additional home care industry updates and lessons learned from being an Agency Manager. 

(Module 1 Screenshot)

In Module 1: State of Colorado, we take an in depth look at the Colorado government. Looking at who oversees CDPHE, the main functions of this executive agency, the branch in CDPHE that directly regulates home care agencies and the various public health programs regulated by the state.

(Module 2 Screenshot)

Module 2 is Home Care Overview. Here we start with looking at the current state of health care and home care markets in the U.S.  Then a closer view of the growth of home care in Colorado and finish with a discussion of industry trends including CMS 5-Star ratings, Medicare Advantage and Re-hospitalization Focus. 

(Module 3 Screenshot)

Next is Module 3: Colorado Regs. In this module we get into the details of regulations for home care agencies, including the origin of the regs, roles and responsibilities of Agency Managers & Administrators, and then a deep dive into Chapters 2 and 26, with tips and tricks learned from years of home care agency regulations and operations experiences in Colorado.

(Module 4 Screenshot)

Last is Module 4: Agency Compliance. This module focuses on specific areas of agency regs that can be hot buttons during CDPHE review: including how to structure and document the governing body, setting up a successful Quality Management Plan, reporting Occurrences to the state and preparing for state inspections. Understanding and preparing for these areas in Agency Compliance can set up your agency for a successful year of licensure!

Complete all 4 Video Modules and the Competency Quiz and you will receive your very own Certificate of Completion.  This will show you have completed the CDPHE required 8-Hour course for new Agency Managers/Back-up Agency Managers and Administrators/Alternate Administrators.  Please be sure to place the certificate in your Personnel File to show CDPHE you have taken the course.

“Ok, sounds great but HOW MUCH?”

My hope is that more detail about what to expect in the course has peaked some interest.  But, as an operator of a home care agency I know you’re thinking that every dollar adds up. With the options available for training, the course has to be valuable to you and be offered at the right price. I’m confident you’ll agree this course has value and is priced right. 

Before I tell you the price I want to make sure you know that this is the first ever CDPHE approved 8-Hour initial course for Agency Managers and Administrators that is offered instantly available online and accessible 24/7 to you. 

Also, it is very important thing to know when joining the course there is no risk to you. I’m offering a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you complete the course and think this has not helped you be a better Agency Manager or Administrator, then simply email me for a full refund. That’s how confident I am that this is the best course available and that it will bring value to your business. 

If you decide there is even a chance of learning the regs and improving your home care agency, don’t you think it’s worth it to give it a shot. I remember searching far and wide for someone who has been through it to take the time to help me get better. 

Ok, now the price. Because this is the first ever offering in the state of this online 24/7 course, I’m very excited to bring you this course. It is being offered at $347. The $347 gives you full access to the entire course. Being an online 24/7 course, this allows you to immediately get started and work at your own pace. No need to wait until the next time a course is offered in person, in a conference room that is miles away, having to battle traffic and decide whether to eat chicken quesadillas or the veggie burger. 

This is a marathon, not a sprint. I want to be a long term partner in your success. This course is the entry point for our relationship, but I am offering some goodwill for a brand new course to start a deeper relationship with you. As I develop more content, I’m going to be offering these courses and materials to you first. 


It’s natural to have questions or concerns when thinking about taking a course that is supposed to ‘help’ your business.  If you are considering taking this course please review the responses below to some commonly asked questions. These questions might help you make a decision on if the course is right for you.  

Are you qualified to offer this training?  Yes, you might say more qualified than any other CDPHE approved trainer. First, this course is CDPHE approved and The Business of Senior Care is a CDPHE approved training company. Second, no other trainer has had the actual experiences of running a home care agency in Colorado under the Chapter 2 & 26 regulations. I was the Director of Operations here in Denver for one of the largest home care agencies in the country, overseeing the transition into Colorado licensure and successfully operating a home care agency for many years.

How is your company unique? The Business of Senior Care aims to achieve two goals for clients: to understand the regulations facing home care agencies in Colorado and being a resource to drive growth for home care operators.  Having these two unique goals is fundamental when developing course content and continually asking myself, “How will this help home care agencies grow?”  I believe there are always opportunities to earn more clients and more billable hours, including with understanding regulations and the impact on your agency. 

How do I know this isn’t a waste of time? With your busy schedule of running a home care agency, the last thing you want to be worrying about is training that wastes your time. One of the ways that Essentials For Agency Managers & Administrators is completely unique is that it gives you the freedom to complete the course on YOUR schedule.  You don’t have to take 2 days away from work, go to a hotel or convention center, eat some rubbery chicken, be wishing you could be anywhere else and not get that working time back.  This course flexes with your busy lifestyle by being online and available 24/7.

Have you provided training or consulting before? I have already helped numerous home care agencies in Colorado with the fundamentals of regulations for both Class A and Class B licensure.  Additionally, I worked at the Corporate Office for Home Instead Senior Care for many years helping home care owners open theirs doors, market services, recruit new clients, hire staff and grow their business.  I have been doing consulting for home care companies for more than a decade and continue to be passionate about this fast growing industry.

Do I offer other trainings in order to get all my CEUs from your company? A common request is for an Agency Manager or Administrator to want to complete all required credits during the year from 1 company.  The Business of Senior Care is continuing to develop new and innovative content with the goal of being the 1 stop shop for Agency Managers and Administrators.  With new content continuing to come out it will soon be possible to take any and all required courses from us!

Also, I’m so confident that you will be satisfied with this course that I am offering a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. That’s right. If you complete the course and don’t feel like it was a valuable use of your time and you don’t have a better understanding of our Colorado home care agency regulations, then simply email me requesting for a full refund.  There’s no risk for you in taking the course.


I want to show you how the Colorado regulations impact your agency and how your agency can respond successfully. I want you to understand the regulations through the eyes of someone who ran a successful home care agency under these same rules. This step-by-step course gives you the freedom and flexibility to be completed in tandem with your busy lifestyle. If you’ve been waiting to take the initial 8-Hour course due to your schedule, waiting to have your Back-Up Agency Manager or Alternate Administrator take the course, waiting for the right trainer to come along to help drive your business or just opening your agency doors:

You HAVE to act today.

Essentials For Agency Managers & Administrators is only $347!


The Business of Senior Care

P.S. You may be receiving emails from me about this course and other courses over the next few weeks and months.  I want to develop a relationship with you and help you grow your home care agency. I will be bringing you testimonials, case studies, topic specific presenters and more home care agency knowledge.  Please watch for updates and be sure you’re email address is signed up here!