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How to CRUSH Compliance in Q4 Guide!

Class A & B

How to CRUSH Compliance in Q4 Guide! is the only instantly available digital download package by an approved CDPHE trainer with Colorado home care agency regulations and operations experience. 

This CRUSH it Guide was designed to provide your agency with everything you need to make sure your agency is compliant with the annual requirements for Class A & B agencies in Colorado.  

Here are the requirements covered in the Guide: 

* Agency Manager/Administrator Designation

* Quality Management Program Annual Review

* Emergency Preparedness Plan Annual Review & Education

* Governing Body/Professional Advisory Committee Annual Agency Operations and P&Ps Review

* Agency Org Chart

* Agency Infection Control P&Ps & Education 

* Client Review of Agreed Upon Service Days & Times

This Guide provides a Q4 domination checklist so that you can be sure to get all the necessary requirements completed.

Oh, don't have time to create the Quality Management Program Annual review and approval template? Who does! We got your covered here. 

While you are out shaking hands (more like bumping elbows) and kissing babies (even more like waving from 6 feet away), you can use this Guide to save you time and energy to create all of this stuff on your own. 

I am offering to you this How to CRUSH Compliance in Q4 Guide digital download. This digital download contains an instantly available and fully editable Guide needed for Class A & B home care agencies in Colorado to meet the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) annual requirements 

Here’s what you get when you purchase the How to CRUSH Compliance in Q4 Guide now:

  • Instantly downloadable CRUSH it Guide. This Guide offers 30 pages of customizable content that gives your agency the most up to date information. This is not available from anywhere else. You can customize to reflect the services and discussions specific to your agency. Then you can instantly print each TO DO section and put right into your Licensure Binder. Now you're ready for survey to show up and feel confident about your program.  
  • Checklist, Forms, Templates. Perhaps the most valuable part of the Guide is that the 30 page pdf guide has a checklist on what all needs to be done. Oh, and if there is a policy, form or template that needs to be completed to meet the annual requirement, BAM! it's right there and ready to go. Just fill in the agency specific info on the ready to go form, print out and DONE!

Ok, now the price.  How to CRUSH Compliance in Q4 Guide! is being offered at $197

The $197 gives you instant and full access to the fully downloadable Guide, including the specific forms and templates. The download is available as a PDF document that is instantly customizable for your agency.  You can sit in your favorite recliner watching the Broncos and CRUSH your way through this Guide and dominate Q4 in no time. 

This Guide gives the valuable time that you need to stay in compliance and not worry about those darn surveyors calling or walking in and saying, "Show me the Annual Reviews!" You can smile from behind your mask and say, "Right here!"

Still have questions? Email me at [email protected] or call me at 720.255.4150. I respond to every email, I really do.