IHSS Medicaid Only Home Care Agency - Policies and Procedures Package

Class B Only

Medicaid IHSS - Non-Medical Agency - Policies and Procedures Package

This is Medicaid IHSS specific policies and procedures. It is written to meet IHSS Regulations: 10 CCR 2505-10, Section 8.552.

Here's a link to the regulations. 

The Medicaid IHSS policies are part of the Class B Non-Medical 9 Binder P&Ps system.

The Class B P&Ps system consists of 9 binders. This 9 binder system is built to have policies, forms, templates grouped and organized into the various topics that are required from regulations. Once you have the binder system in place, you will have easy access to keep in compliance all year long!

What is the best way to use this P&Ps package? 

The first step is to get 9 binders to start your organization path! I suggest at least 3" binders so that you can fit all the needed policies inside. Each binder set comes with a face page so that you can slip it right in the front sleeve of the binder for proper identification. These 9 binders should be together and handy for the HCA Manager. 

The Governing Body & HCA Manager contains sensitive agency information and recommended to keep it in the HCA Manager office or area that is not readily accessible by others. Each binder comes with a Table of Contents and policy numbers for each policy. 

This 9 binder system consists of these topics:

Binder 1 - Governing Body & HCA Manager

Binder 2 - Class B General P&Ps

Binder 3 - HCA Personnel

Binder 4 - Quality Management Program 

Binder 5 - Occurrence Reporting Program

Binder 6 - Infection Control Program

Binder 7 - Emergency Preparedness Program

Binder 8 - Consumer Complaint Program 

Binder 9 - Medicaid P&Ps


The policies and procedures are written to comply with Chapter 2 and 26 regulations. Some policies do require the specific agency information. 

After you download a binder set, please do the following:

1) Replace anything highlighted in yellow with your specific agency information

2) Replace the generic logo on all policies with your agency specific logo

3) Get tab dividers for your binders and divide by the different sections in each binder set

4) Print out each binder set and place the first page in the front sleeve of your binder

5) Kick back and enjoy your new life of home care regulation compliance!

This Policies & Procedures Package is only $995! 

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