Infection Control & Universal Precautions

CDPHE Staff Ongoing Training (1 CEU Hour)

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Course Overview

Infection Control & Universal Precautions

(1 CEU Hour) 

This training will provide an in-depth look at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) requirements for Infection Control & Universal Precautions. 

This training satisfies 1 CLOCK HOUR towards the annual required training for Class A & B direct care staff. A completion certificate will be available for download upon completion of the course. 

What's covered in the course? 

Module 1 - Course Introduction

Welcome to the Course!
About Us
CDPHE Required Training        
How To Take The Course
Course Agenda


Module 2 - Universal Precautions   

Universal Precautions
Infection Control Plan
Infection Risk Factors
Protect Yourself
5 Steps of Universal Precaution
Infection Control
Hand Washing
PPE Don/Doff
Contaminated Surfaces
Cleaning Surfaces
Disposing Contaminated Materials

Module 3 - Infection Control

Bloodborne Pathogens
Types of Pathogens
How Do Pathogens Spread?
Infection Control Definition
Types of Infection
Prevention Against Infection
Infection Treatments
How Does COVID-19 Spread?
Infection prevention

Module 4 - Course Quiz 

Here are the requirements for Class A & B staff training: 

Class A - Home Health
6.6(D)(1) - Skilled Staff Training
Direct care personnel need 12 topics every 12 months, which includes:
(a) Promoting consumer dignity, independence, self-determination, privacy, choice, and rights; including abuse and neglect prevention and reporting requirements;
(b) Behavior management techniques;
(c) Disaster and emergency procedures; and
(d) Infection prevention and control.

Class B - Non-medical Home Care
7.4(C)(4) - Personal Care Worker Training
PCWs need 6 topics every 12 months, shall include:
(a) Behavior management techniques and the promotion of consumer dignity, independence, self-determination, privacy, choice, and rights,
including abuse and neglect prevention and reporting requirements.
(b) Disaster and emergency procedures.
(c) Infection control using universal precautions.
(d) Basic first aid and home safety

7.3(C)(3) - Homemaker Training
Homemakers need 4 topics every 12 months, which shall include the same as PCWs. 


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