Class A & B Quality Management Program - 2020 Package

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Class A & B Quality Management Program - 2020 Package, is the only instantly available digital download package by an approved CDPHE trainer with Colorado home care agency regulations and operations experience. 

This Class A & B Quality Management Program - 2020 Template was designed to provide your agency with everything you need to make sure your Quality Management Program is CDPHE compliant. 

In January 2020, CDPHE put out a revised Chapter 2 with updated, and some new, regulations. Chapter 2 is titled “General Licensure Standards” and is the foundational chapter for health care entities in Colorado, including home care. 

For home care agencies, this part perhaps is the most referenced in Chapter 2 regarding the Quality Management Program and Occurrence Reporting. It has been modified to emphasize a client focus, instead of about the agency. There are enough changes in this section that each agency will need to revise their QMP.

This new and updated Quality Management Plan follows the 2020 updates to Chapter 2 and should be incorporated into each agency. This QMP works for both Class & B agencies.

I am offering to you this Class A&B Quality Management Program - 2020 Package digital download. This digital download contains instantly available and fully editable Quality Management Program needed for Class A & B home care agencies in Colorado to meet the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) requirements as stated in Chapter 2, Section 4.1 and Chapter 26, Section 6.14.

Here’s what you get when you purchase the Class A&B Quality Management Program - 2020 Package now:

  • Instantly downloadable Quality Management Program, this Quality Management Program Policies & Procedures package offers 10 pages of customizable content that gives your agency the updated compliance with 2020 changes to Chapter 2. This is not available from anywhere else. You can customize to reflect the care and services provided by your agency and then just hit print and put the whole package directly into your QMP Binder. Now you're ready for survey to show up and feel confident about your program.                         

Class A&B Quality Management Program - 2020 Package meets the requirements in Chapter 2, Section 4.1 and Chapter 26, Section 6.14. Below are the Table of Contents from the product package:

Table of Contents


Agency Quality Management Program

Quality Management Program – (Ch. 26-6.14, Ch. 2-4.1)

Identification of Quality Management Projects

Mechanisms to Monitor Service Delivery Error(s) or Potential for Error(s):

Consumer Complaints

CDPHE Inspection Report

Facility Reported Occurrences

Service Delivery Error(s) or Potential for Error(s) Staff Report

Agency Supervisory Visits

Staff Missed Visits 

Infection Control & Employee Health

Agency Organizational Review

Implementation of Improvement Strategies

Service Delivery Error or Potential Delivery Error Form

Quality Management Project/Team (QMT) Meeting

Quality Improvement Implementation Strategy Worksheet


Ok, now the price.  Class A&B Quality Management Program - 2020 Package is being offered at $297

The $297 gives you instant and full access to the fully customizable Quality Management Program, included with Chapter 2 2020 updates. The download is available as a Word document that is then instantly customizable for your agency.  Each customizable field is highlighted to make it as quick and easy as possible. Once customized, just hit print and slide it into your Binder! 

When looking at the price of the package for your business, please be sure to ask: 

How much will it cost you not to pass a CDPHE survey? 

If you are looking to open a home care agency, it could take 30 to 90 days to get another shot to pass your initial survey if you don’t have everything in place the first time.  If you are submitting documentation for a Plan of Correction and it is rejected due to a policy or procedure, you have to start the POC process all over again. 

You HAVE to act today.

Class A&B Quality Management Program - 2020 Package is only $297! 

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