Finish compliance strong in 2023 for Colorado home care agencies!

Annual Compliance Calendar Tool

👋🏼 Hey there, home care owners and enthusiasts! 🏡😄 It's Lucas Carroll from the Business of Senior Care. I hope you all are having an amazing day! 🌟

📅 Planning out the rest of the year is crucial for staying in compliance with home care regulations, especially if you're running class A or class B agencies in beautiful Colorado. 🏔️ Let's take a look at this fantastic tool I've prepared to help you breeze through the next six months while staying on top of your compliance game! 🚀

🔍 First off, we have a checklist that covers all the essentials you need to tackle from chapters two to twenty-six for class A or class B agencies. It's a neat consolidation of everything you need to get done from a regulation perspective. 📝

🗓️ License renewal is one of the first items on the list. Make sure to mark it on your calendar approximately 90 days before the renewal date, so you don't miss a beat! 🗓️

💼 The governing body requires an annual review of policies and procedures, and this extends to other aspects as well. So, schedule a day to huddle up with your team for a thorough review of different systems and programs. 🤝

🎯 Quality Management Plan (QMP) and Quarterly Quality Assurance (QA) meetings are vital. Just pick dates for Q3 and Q4, invite the team, and you're all set! 📅

👩‍🏫 Training for caregivers or staff is essential, and you'll need four to six topics covered annually. Plan it out for the rest of the year, and you'll be all caught up! 📚

🚨 Emergency Preparedness and Infection Control also require annual reviews and training. Keep your agency prepared for any situation! 🚑

💼 For class B agencies, there's a new regulation for the annual agency evaluation. No worries, I've got a handy packet on my website to help you through it! 📁

💲 If you plan to raise rates, remember to review all your service dates and times and send out a 30-day notice to your clients beforehand. 💲

👀 Supervision visits are essential, and it's the clients that need supervision every three months. Don't forget to evaluate your caregivers annually too! 🕵️‍♂️

🎓 Administrators and HCA managers, make sure you're on track with your required training hours. Stay informed and up to date! 🎓

📝 Finally, don't forget about Occurrence Reporting and maintaining your Consumer Complaints log. Keep everything in order! 📝

📅 To put all this into practice, I've prepared a simple 12-month calendar for you. Just fill it up with the tasks and dates, and you're good to go! Easy-peasy! 🗓️

🎉 So, let's make compliance a breeze for the rest of the year! You can reach out to me if you need any help or have any questions. Let's chat and get your agency in top shape! 💪🏼

Thanks for reading, and have an incredible day, folks! 🌞😊

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