1-on-1 Home Care Consulting

The Business of Senior Care is a one of a kind training and consulting company designed to keep home care agencies in compliance. 

As a former home care operator in Denver, I experienced all things home care first hand. I want to give you the many things I learned starting way back when home care regulations started here in 2009/2010. 

I want to help you navigate through all things compliance. I'll make it easier to understand, quicker to complete and as pain-free as possible. 

My home care clients ALWAYS get back in compliance and are survey ready. 

Survey doesn't have to be a big disruption to your operation. I've learned tips and developed tools that can save you hours. 

Surveyors have checklists and playbooks on what to look for, how to audit, what interview questions to ask, etc. 

Over years of my own surveys and working with numerous other home care companies, I've developed tools that work directly with surveyor tools. 

Chances are, I've seen or heard whatever compliance, deficiency or regulation issue that your working on. 

It typically starts with a phone call where we can discuss what the need is for your company. Then we can decide together on the best course of action. 

It might be I can help remotely. But, I live here in Colorado, so if I need to come to the office I can. 

I am committed to helping home care companies succeed. Whether it be a recertification survey, on-site initial survey, plan of correction, policy or procedure, I've been there. 

My 1-on-1 Consulting includes: 

* New Home Care Agency Start-Up

* Recertification On-Site Survey Prep

* Strategy & Writing for a Plan of Correction

* Hosting QMP Meeting

* EPP Incident & Annual Review

* Business Planning & Goal Setting

* Home Care Annual Budgets

* Office Staff Training

Starting a New Home Care Company?

Colorado has a rigorous application and licensure process that can be difficult to navigate. Learn the right steps in the process and secrets to passing the on-site survey.

Contact Me!

Contact 720.255.4150 or info@thebizofseniorcare.com

to LEARN MORE about how I can help your company!

Client Testimonials

I can't thank Lucas enough for his guidance in our opening a home care agency. We knew the application process and thought we were on track. But, Lucas had the process down cold and had us prepared at every turn. Our on-site survey passed with flying colors. Policies & Procedures were great! Would highly recommend. - Anastasia, Serenity Home Care

Lucas helped our agency by hosting our Quality Management Program. He was organized and great to work with. Our QMP binder has never looked better! We recently had survey and the surveyor commented how great our QMP program looked. Thank you!- Polina, Supreme Home Care

Working with Lucas and The Business of Senior Care was one of the best, smartest pre-launch investments I made. I engaged him for the Agency Manager Training course, Colorado P&Ps, and Site Survey prep, and I can say without a doubt that my performance on the Site Survey wouldn't have been what it was without his guidance and support. In addition, he's a great guy with a ton of market and category knowledge. I highly recommend him for any home care agency in Denver, and I look forward to working with him on other initiatives in the future. - David, Nurse Next Door

Lucas quickly impressed us with his knowledge and expertise in home care. He took his time to explain the initial survey process and helped me prepare for my survey. He created the P&Ps I needed and I passed my survey thanks to him! I can't recommend his services highly enough! -Jasmina, Care & Care Home Care