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Article: COVID-19 Regulations for Home Care Agencies

Today I'm talking about the COVID-19 regulation changes. Plus, I have a ready-to-use P&Ps package that you can implement at your agency today (scroll to the bottom of this email for P&Ps).
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What consumers complaints should I document?

Not all complaints are created equal. As an Administrator addressing and documenting all issues, concerns and complaints from consumers is a full time job. So, how do I decide which to document and file?
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Chapter 26 to go in front of Dept of Health on Dec. 15

After years of meetings and revisions, the sunset provision for updating Chapter 26 regulations home care agencies is set to be finalized in December. What are the big changes?
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Article: Did you know CDPHE changed Chapter 2 regulations??

Here are all the changes your home care company needs to know for 2020.
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Article: Colorado Home Care Agencies Top 10 Deficiencies

So far in 2019 the Home & Community Facilities (HCF) Branch has surveyed 38% of all home care agencies in Colorado. There have been over 700 deficiencies issued. Get the latest data and trends.
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Article: How to WOW Job Applicants and Get Them to Say Yes!

I had the realization that applicants I was helping to interview weren’t saying yes to job offers because of me...so I fixed it.
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Article: Care Disruptors & Hospital Zones

Marketing your home care business can be hard. It can feel like you’re out there doing the same thing, talking to the same people every day. Here we talk about how you organize and prioritize your focus for marketing to referral sources.
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Article: Inside look at BIG changes for your top referral sources in 2019

Health care continues to change. The next 12 months are going to turn the world upside down for some of your Top Referral Sources. We discuss changes for hospitals, skilled nursing and the growing Medicare Advantage plans.
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